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Jennifer L. Goodwin, CPA
Jennifer Goodwin CPA, Accounting, Information Technology Consulting, Managment Advisory Services

I make it easy for my clients

I specialize in demystifying the accounting process so my clients can focus on their specialty–Their business!

I have over 16 years of experience in accounting and specific knowledge of 15 different types of accounting software.

I focus on 3 specialties in the accounting process:
   1. Accounting Software IT and Training
   2. Analysis and compilation of accounts
   3. Management advisory services

IT, Training & Trouble Shooting
I save my clients hours of time in trouble shooting accounting software and bookkeeping issues in order to get them back to productive operations. My service does not end here. In fact this is just the beginning of a service that my clients value as they direct and grow their business.

Empowering Clients to Grow
I offer financial consultation and analysis of my clients’ financial structures empowering management and owners with knowledge. This knowledge allows owners to clearly understand the risks and the financial alternatives available to them. This knowledge allows owners to be fully informed in taking the next step in growing their business.

Beyond Reporting and Analysis
This is so much more than record keeping, publishing compilations or account analysis. It is practical business education, financial literacy and the power to grow. With a specific analysis, the numbers can reveal where the best streams of revenue exist thus showing my clients where to allocate precious limited resources, or where to focus operations.

Assessing the Health of Business
Like a yearly or quarterly physical, I can assess the health of your business so you and your managers can make the necessary adjustments and even take advantage of opportunities as they open up in an ever changing market place. Have you wanted to realize your growth potential, build efficiencies, and increase your business’s productivity? You can begin today and take your business to the next level with confidence. I look forward to hearing from you.


Superior Service
Attention to Detail
Oriented to Client needs



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Jennifer understands how a small business works, and she is willing to help me understand the financial condition of my business so I can think strategically about the future.

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