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Jennifer L. Goodwin, CPA
Jennifer Goodwin CPA, Accounting, Information Technology Consulting, Managment Advisory Services


Provide superior accounting service and solutions that enable entrepreneurs to reach their profit potential and grow their businesses.


My clients can testify of my commitment to integrity and honesty. Most importantly, My clients are confident in knowing that I will work with them to ensure the accuracy of their records, and that their records adhere to the standards of the accounting industry.

Equally important is the driving motivator behind my career in public accounting. I like small and medium sized businesses and the entrepreneurs who run them, and see them succeed and grow. My clients
growth and success motivates me to meet the challenges for them on a day to day basis. In fact this is why I do what I do. It is very rewarding to know that my services impact a business so powerfully to enable them to grow and fulfill their goals. Click here to see what my clients are saying about their experience and how they have benefited.



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