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Client Comments and testimonials

Jennifer understands how a small business works, and she is willing to help me understand the financial condition of my business so I can think strategically about the future…

Jennifer’s consultation has helped me manage my company more effectively. Based on her recommendations, I have been able to take my company out of a serious financial position and turn it around achieving much better performance and stability. Without Jennifer’s insights, support, and encouragement, I am not sure we would have made it thought this year.

Dena Belzer

Strategic Economics
November 18, 2004

As a direct result of Jennifer’s Counsel, Strategic Economics has avoided a lot of headaches and witnessed an increase in revenues.

Case in point, while putting together an overhead spreadsheet, I could tell something was wrong but could not quite identify the cause. When Jennifer came in during a scheduled appointment, she confirmed that incorrect calculations were skewing the data. Jennifer identified the cause as being the distribution of the total overhead not being spread out among each employee. Upon advising us about how to correct the calculations, she also pointed out that Strategic Economics was billing at too low a rate. From that point on, we were able to increase revenue by increasing our billing rates!

This underscores a significant point that sets Jennifer apart from so many other CPA’s that I have worked with. And it is simply this; I am able to ask Jennifer questions that most other CPA’s would not have the time for.

Reachel Hinson

Strategic Economics

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