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Jennifer L. Goodwin, CPA
Jennifer Goodwin CPA, Accounting, Information Technology Consulting, Managment Advisory Services

Software Support & Training

Provide support for major accounting software applications
I support 15 different accounting software programs. After installing and setting up various accounts, I train bookkeepers in the procedures and idiosyncrasies involved with the programs concerned. At this point I can walk my clients through virtually any procedure over the phone; in like manner I can also trouble shoot a wide variety of bookkeeping and system problems over the phone. This offers great efficiencies to my clients, as I don’t have to be on sight to effectively serve their needs. Consequently this presents huge savings on reduced billing hours and minimized travel expenses.

Services provided
Advise on which accounting program best suits a business
Support all major accounting software applications
Installation of program
Train bookkeepers
Set up of books
Enter opening balances in system
Trouble-Shoot software problems





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